Rich earthiness with nutty complex flavors.

ORGANIC/ Our very first batch of organic cacao beans was harvested during the Spring of 2017; with no use of pesticides or chemical additives, and grown within strict policies of fine-quality cacao farming techniques.

FOREST-FRIENDLY/ Cacao has played an important role in preserving the remainder of the Brazilian Atlantic rainforest, due to the production of cacao using the Cabruca Forest System. “Cabrucated forest” is a term that relates to the traditional cacao planting methods of the southern region of Bahia. This system is characterized by the planting of cacao trees in the shades of the Atlantic forest trees; a unique agricultural model only seen in Brazil.
Cacao is naturally a rainforest plant that needs to be surrounded by a high-biodiverstiy; this will influence the actual flavors of the chocolate. For this reason, we make sure that even our fermentation process starts inside the rainforest (using banana tree leaves), so that we can get all the flavors and aromas provided by nature.

DIRECT-TRADE/ There is no “direct-trade” of bean-to-bar chocolate makers; chocolatiers and chocolate companies are not making agreements directly with the supplying farmer.

Eliminate the middle-men: We ask that chocolate makers that are interested in cacao beans place an order on our website and wait for its delivery.

Exclusivity: We will only sell our cacao beans to makers that align with our core values and company standards.