Cacao bean producer and ethical chocolate maker from Brazil, based in NYC.

We are dedicated to the future of cacao and the craft of chocolate making. We supply high quality organic cacao beans from Brazil’s Atlantic Rainforest to bean-to-bar makers, and unique bars to chocolate lovers.
We are, from tree-to-bar.

In a country where aging tree, crop diseases, pests, and political instabilities are determing factors in the agricultural cycle, chocolate could represent a sweet solution: reforestation.
Varre-Vento aims to reimagine the food system of farming. We celebrate sustainable agriculture and we educate people on the importance of nature preservation. We have the potential to get people to rethink their eating habits, and to see the connections between how we eat and our heavy environmental footprint.

We want to rethink/redesign the cacao supply chain, with focus on transparency, the environment and the finest quality beans and chocolate that we can produce.