The rainforest in a chocolate bar.

Chocolate is an experience.
We want you to smell, feel, taste and sense the flavors of the rainforest.

We make chocolate to celebrate the natural potential of the cacao beans that we produce at Fazenda Varre-Vento.
Each bean that Fazenda Varre-Vento works with carries an exciting story of sustainable and ethical farming. Our chocolate is made from genetically diverse cacao trees including new wild varieties — through the bean-to-bar chocolate making process. From the transformation of the cacao bean to the creation of the chocolate, we control every stage of the production chain.
We are, from tree-to-bar.

TREE-TO-BAR/ Under the idea of assuring the highest possible quality of cacao and taking “bean-to-bar” one step further, our chocolate is tree-to-bar; we grow the cacao ourselves as well as ferment, dry, roast, grind and smoothen the cacao into chocolate.

SINGLE-ESTATE Where the beans are grown makes a bigger difference to the flavor than the variety of the beans. Our single-estate chocolate bars are sourced only from the Fazenda Varre-Vento.

MICRO-BATCH/ We are an artisanal maker; meaning that we make homemade small-batches (with no assembly-line process). Due to the limited production, our chocolate bars are offered according to availability.